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  • Writing as Performance - Georgiana Oana Gabor - Editura Institutul European

Writing as Performance - Georgiana Oana Gabor - Editura Institutul European

39,00 Lei

Disponibilitate: In stoc

Isbn: 978-606-24-0310-2
Numar pagini: 254
Data aparitiei: 2021
Limba: Romana
Format carte: 140X190
Tip coperta: Brosata

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Cartea Writing as Performance scrisa de Georgiana Oana Gabor a aparut la editura Institutul European in anul 2021 si face parte din categoriaStiinte umaniste.

This book has a political rationale. It purports to mediate an understanding of a possible venue for the development of the Romanian Communication Studies discipline along the lines of a humanistic perspective, which entails qualitative inquiry. As an effect of such understanding, we, the representatives of Communication Studies in Romania, would become abler to coordinate our expectations from and for the field with those which drive the research agendas in Communication Studies in other countries. This book also presents an epistemological rationale for the usefulness of such a political move. It states that, throughout our academic enterprises, we, intellectuals worldwide have a genuine interest in learning how the world works and what our role is into the production of knowledge. From the angle that the Communication Studies discipline views the world, it appears that our mandate as Communication Studies scholars is to communicate the truth(s) which we produce through and within our discourses, may those be spoken or written. This book pleads for the privileged interpretation of discourse as the main venue for the construction of such valuable societal goals as freedom, justice, and harmony. It prescribes responsibility for such construction to the scholars in the Communication Studies field, whose telos should entail societal emancipation.

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