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  • Ugly: The Aesthetics Of Everything - Editura Goodman Fiell

Ugly: The Aesthetics Of Everything - Editura Goodman Fiell

20,00 Lei

Disponibilitate: Stoc epuizat

Isbn: 978-1-84796-036-8
Editura: Goodman Fiell
Numar pagini: 272
Data aparitiei: 2012
Limba: Engleza
Format carte: 195x233
Tip coperta: Cartonata

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Cartea Ugly: The Aesthetics Of Everything a aparut la edituraGoodman Fiell si face parte din categoriaArta.

Is ugliness only skin-deep, or can something that is beautifully engineered – a B-52 bomber or a Colt .45 – also be ugly, if its function is to kill or to maim? What was 'Degenerate Art' and why was it deemed such? Why are mountains seen as sublime expressions of nature, when only two hundred years ago they were regarded as loathsome things to be avoided at all costs? Just what is the relation between tattoos and crime, and why on earth is there a contest for 'The Ugliest Dog in the World'? And lastly, if there was no ugly in the world, would there be any beauty?

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