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  • Corpus-Based Translation for Research, Practice and Training

Corpus-Based Translation for Research, Practice and Training

Autori: Mona Arhire
33,01 Lei

Disponibilitate: In stoc

Isbn: 978-606-24-0037-8
Numar pagini: 256
Data aparitiei: 2015
Limba: Engleza
Format carte: 140x190

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Corpus-Based Translation for Research, Practice and Training este scrisa de Mona Arhire si aparuta la EdituraInstitutul European.

"The main purpose of this book is to encourage theoreticians and practitioners alike to adopt the corpus-based orientation in Translation Studies in their investigations of translation phenomena. The volume, the first of its kind to be published in Romania, is structured into chapters touching upon both the descriptive and applied areas of this recent direction. Emphasis is laid on corpus-based translator training with a view to shaping young generations of translators and researchers in the light of the new methodology provided by corpus-based translation. The book is particularly designed to serve students and researchers who are engaged in studying translation using Romanian as one of the translation languages. It can be used as a support in teaching translation at an academic level, but also in related fields, such as Corpus Linguistics and Computational Linguistics, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue among scholars working in these disciplines." 

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