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  • Cornelia and the Jungle Machine - Nora Brech - Editura Gecko Press

Cornelia and the Jungle Machine - Nora Brech - Editura Gecko Press

Autori: Nora Brech
48,00 Lei

Disponibilitate: In stoc

Isbn: 978-1-776572-59-5
Editura: Gemma
Numar pagini: 32
Data aparitiei: 2019
Limba: Engleza
Format carte: 240x170
Tip coperta: Cartonata

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Cartea Cornelia and the Jungle Machine scrisa de Nora Brech a aparut la edituraGecko Press in anul 2019 si face parte din categoriaBeletristica.

Cornelia and her parents move in to a new house. Bored, she is sent to play "outside." She discovers a hidden treehouse and a boy her own age.

"Do you really live here all alone?" she asks.

"No I live here with my inventions. Come and take a look . . ."

Inside Cornelia is introduced to a magical machine. A jungle machine!

Nora Brech's gothic illustrations are packed with imaginative details and perspectives. Through an extreme wide-angle lens, she draws the reader in to a powerfully detailed, filmatic world.

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