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Commercial Arbitration. Elementary Handbook on Scholarly Pragmatism

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Cod produs: 978-606-18-0310-1
Editura: Macmillan
Autor: Radu Bogdan Bobei
Data aparitiei: 2014
Commercial Arbitration. Elementary Handbook on Scholarly Pragmatism
To write an Elementary Handbook on Scholarly Pragmatism in the context of Commercial Arbitration may mean to schematically present and explain the basic concepts and principles familiar for commercial arbitration. To write such Elementary Handbook may also mean to kindly invite the arbitration practitioner to not miss the legal, business-like and scholarly interpretation of the concepts and principles above.

The starting point of writing this Elementary Handbook was Romanian arbitration law. Afterwards it has been outlined the concepts and principles specified in UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration (1985, with amendments as adopted in 2006). For the purpose of smoothly solving the conflict of mentalities, if any, between domestic mentalities and international mentality with regard the interpretation above, a brief glance on international jurisprudence developed under arbitration laws worldwide enacting the Model Law above seemed to me appropriate to be followed.

Promoting the so-called ideology of
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AutorRadu Bogdan Bobei
Data aparitiei2014
Numar pagini280
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