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A practical english grammar

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Isbn: 973-611-363-9
Numar pagini: 180
Data aparitiei: 2005
Limba: Engleza
Format carte: 61x86
Tip coperta: Brosata

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Cartea A practical english grammar scrisa de Alina Miu, Procopie P. Clontea a aparut la editura Institutul European.

The problem of parts of speech is a controversial one both in general linguistic theory and in the particular case of many languages. The very term parts of speech implying the idea of something divided into different smaller parts seems to oversimplify the rather complex relationships which, by necessity, link the same parts of speech to form meaningful utterances. What is usually meant by a part of speech is a type of word differing from other types in some grammatical point or points of view. For example, the verb is a type of word differing from all other types in that it alone has the grammatical category of tense. Thus, one can reasonably ask "what is the past tense of the word like (that is liked) but it Would seem stupid to ask "what is the past tense of the word interesting" or "what is the past tense of the word like. These words do not have any past, present or future tense since the notion of tense cannot be applied to them. Tense is one of the grammatical distinctive features characterizing the verb as against every other type of word. However, the question is much less'simple with reference to some other types of words such as adjectives turned noun's or nouns turned verbs by conversion or verbal nouns for that matter and this is why we will consider a general definition of the principles on Which the classification of the English parts of speech should be based in order to facilitate their recognition as individual entities.

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